Ditch the Diet, Heal the Body and Mind

Eating-Disorder Specialist Breaks Down Dieting Barriers to Build Positive Body Image


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2018 -- How common is it to have a harrowing lifelong relationship with food and body image? According to licensed professional counselor and certified eating-disorder specialist Becca Clegg, our culture of dieting has made it the norm. While many who have suffered from eating disorders have sought out her care, disordered eating is not unique to just those with a life-threatening mental illness. In a society wrought with ever-changing beauty standards and a plethora of diets that all promise to transform our bodies to fit a prescribed mold, it's difficult to not develop a strained and destructive relationship with food.

Clegg's debut book, Ending the Diet Mindset, seeks to help others end the cycle of failing restrictive diets, blaming themselves, and the resulting criticism when their bodies won't simply submit to society's standards. In her professional experience, she has discovered ten damaging mindsets that people use to berate themselves into obeying strict dietary rules to build the "beach bod" that magazines convince them to covet.

Ending the Diet Mindset should not be confused with some sort of call to abandon nutrition. Clegg explains that diets actually encourage unbalanced, unhealthy yo-yo diets that lead to binging, fixation on food, and disordered thoughts. More and more nutrition experts are agreeing that diets just don't work, and people need a more intuitive approach to eating that allows their bodies to settle at a natural healthy weight unique to each individual. Clegg shifts the focus from what you can't eat, to discovering what you can eat. Healing the mind and body from diet culture implores you to discover what nutritional foods bring you pleasure. Highly palatable foods are free to be eaten without guilt and shame, but with a mindset that allows one to avoid eating past satiation or constantly eating to address emotional pain. And most of all, a healthy relationship with food doesn't involve fitting into a specific size.

For anyone ready to stop dieting, break free from body image and food obsession, and start living the life they are secretly dreaming about, Ending the Diet Mindset is the perfect guide on how to get started.

Ending the Diet Mindset will be available on Amazon,, The eBook will be available on Amazon exclusively.

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