Ditching a Book of Business Worth $10M Sell Start Gun Holsters - How One Entrepreneur Played the Ultimate Game of Career Roulette

Arthur A. Rouse, Jr said goodbye to a successful finance career to follow his dreams of running a business. Did he put the bullet in the wrong chamber?


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Arthur A. Rouse, Jr is not someone that life walks over. In fact, several years ago he left his stable Financial Services job in Chicago to move to Kentucky and start a business that sells gun holsters. Why?

Arthur explains:

“I did enjoy my time in the Financial Services Industry. In fact, I thought I was pretty good at it, marketing & managing Property and Casualty Insurance books of business worth over $10M in revenue. However, I had a dream to follow a burning desire I’d had since High School – starting my own business” he says.

Business experts would agree that Arthur did in fact survive the ultimate game of career roulette. His new business, Gun Holsters, has grown in just 3 years to become the country’s leading suppliers of gun holsters, ammunition and related firearms accessories – even winning business from U.S Military members.

From the outside, it would appear that gun holsters are a far cry from the insurance industry. Arthur maintains that it was, in fact, a logical progression:

“My whole life I have been a fanatic of enjoying the outdoors, as well as a committed student and fan of shooting sports. After taking the interest to a new level and using my financial skills to analyze the numbers, I could see a business in this industry was positioned very nicely in the current climate” he adds.

This combination of professional experience and natural interest allowed Arthur and his team to grow a business that now dominates the shooting sector, while winning business from Law Enforcement and civilians alike.

Arthur maintains that his ‘team’ is his most important asset, as well as his family.

“Kentucky is where my roots are, so by moving here I was able to recruit members of my family to support and assist me in the early stages of the business. They’re the ultimate pro-active team, and I couldn’t have done it without them” he concludes.

It just goes to show – biting the bullet can be fruitful. Every month Gun Holsters Unlimited ships hundreds of holsters, scopes, sights, lasers and almost any other gun accessory you can think of to citizens in every part of the country.

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