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Dive In, Inc. Offers Installation Package to Ensure Atlanta Public Pools Are ADA Compliant in 2012


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2011 -- With colder weather currently sweeping the nation, swimming is a distant thought for most people.

But as soon as it begins to warm up, public pools throughout Atlanta will begin to re-open and draw crowds ready to have fun in the sun.

However beginning in 2012, as part of the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design, all public swimming pools are required to be outfitted with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant swimming pool lifts or a sloped entry.

Serving all Metro Atlanta counties, Dive In, Inc. is extending a $600 discount on all installations ordered before January 20th to help ensure all pools are compliant with the new ADA regulation before opening in 2012. Offering high-quality custom swimming pool construction and Atlanta pool service, the company wants to help make the process of becoming compliant as easy and affordable as possible. The installation package includes all of the necessary requirements to outfit pools with lifts or a sloped entry.

Public pools that have not met the new regulations will not be permitted to open in 2012.

The installation package offered by Dive In ensures pool facilities will meet all of the necessary requirements put forth by the ADA, including being fully ADA, ABA and CBC compliant, includes a lift up to 400 Lbs., offers 180 degree automatic seat turn lift, includes a deck anchor and seatbelt, and retains a modification permit if necessary. All of these items will be fully-installed and ready for use.

Also offering Atlanta pool repairs, pool remodeling and pool resurfacing, Dive In has been serving the Metro Atlanta area for many years and has earned numerous accolades from past clients.

According to a past commercial pool customer, B. Johnson, the company took the worry out of making sure their pool was ready for a Health Department inspection.

“We had a Health Department pool inspection on Friday and scored a perfect score of 100,” said B. Johnson. “We would like to thank Dive In for ensuring the pool is up to standard and contributing to the perfect score. Jeff, thanks to you and your team for your commitment to excellence.”

Public pool facilities in the Metro Atlanta area are encouraged to book their installation with Dive In as soon as possible to make sure they are ADA compliant and ready to open in 2012.

To learn more the ADA compliant pool package offered by Dive In, visit http://DiveInOnline.com/ADA-Compliant-2012.htm

About Dive In, Inc.
Dive In, Inc. offers high-quality customer swimming pool construction and swimming pool service to all Metro Atlanta counties, including Cobb County, Fulton County and Gwinnet County. The company is committed to handling all swimming pool needs at extremely competitive prices.