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Dive Watch Report Announces New List of Best Dive Watches Under $500


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2014 -- Dive Watch Report, an informational source geared toward those researching dive watches, announced the release of its latest, up-to-the-minute rankings of the best dive watches available for under $500. Derived from their own research into and reviews of the most popular dive watches, as well as customer reviews from a variety of sources, the newly published report highlights the top models in the under $500 category. Dive Watch Report is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive resources for those researching diving watches, and its annual rankings of dive watches are some of its most anticipated and popular content.

“We’ve just released our latest set of reviews,” company representative Dean Mitchell said, “and depending on your knowledge of the watch industry, you may be surprised by the results.” There are some really great watches in this category, with unexpected features, quality movements that many associate with higher priced models.

“Dive Watch technology has matured to a point that for less than $500, you can get a truly world-class timepiece,” Mitchell continued, “Watch makers continue to do a great job of adding features that we typically see in higher end watches, to the more affordable yet still very nice dive watches.” Dive Watch Report’s surveys show that owners of dive watches value accuracy and durability nearly as highly as they do comfort and aesthetics. Dive watches represent an interesting position in the watch market. Despite the availability of much more technically advanced dive computers (including some that can be worn on the wrist), traditional dive watches remain very popular. “I think that speaks to the timeless qualities of dive watches,” says Mitchell. “There is an innate rugged beauty in a dive watch that is hard to beat. Couple that with interesting and useful features like moving bezels, extreme water resistance, and even relief valves, and you’ve got a watch that doubles as a conversation piece.”

“We, like our visitors, have high hopes for dive watches under 500 dollars, and we expect to get everything we want.” Mitchell concluded, “Great strides have been made in watch making at this price range, and we want to highlight our top choices in this group.” This is one of the more popular price ranges for dive watch seekers, which is why Dive Watch Report provides such in-depth analysis at this level. This report showcases divers from Victorinox, Bulova and Seiko because each of the three are trusted brands with reputations for quality and durability. Seiko dominates the low to moderately priced market and deservedly so. Their proprietary watch movements and commitment to excellence have garnered high praise for years. Victorinox has been around for over a century, and has been in the watch business for over two decades. Their dive watches received high marks due to their rugged good looks and quality craftsmanship, and the Dive Master 500 makes a solid addition to any watch collection. Bulova also boasts over a century of tradition and excellence. They’re unique in that they were founded in the US, but have watch manufacturing plants in Switzerland. We call that the best of both worlds when it comes to watch making!

There are lots of other options in the under $500 range, but our selections from these three brands represent our ideal choices, based not only on quality and style, but on popularity and customer feedback. Those interested in this report may find it at the company’s site, Dive Watch Report – Best Dive Watch Under $500.

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