Diverse Team of Students from The McGill University School of Architecture for the B-Shack Project

This project aims at bringing awareness on the key role the bees' play in the environment with the educational design-build pavilion developed by architecture and engineering students in Montreal.


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- The b-Shack is designed, fabricated and assembled by a diverse team of students in the Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Mediation (FARMM) at the McGill University School of Architecture. The project provides support to urban beekeeping communities in Montreal in collaboration with The McGill Apiary Association. The b-Shack creates a venue for volunteers, educators and amateur beekeepers to share their knowledge and interest in apiculture with the public, and it provides a centralized forum for research initiatives focused on possible solutions for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

CCD is the name associated with the mysterious death of large numbers of honeybee colonies. Honeybees play a critical role in the planet’s ecosystem, responsible for the pollination of many crops in food production worldwide. A decrease of 35% of bees in the past 3 years has had major effects on pollination, crops and the economy. There is currently no solution for preventing CCD.

The b-Shack project builds upon the growing interest in urban beekeeping by providing an educational and research tool to the apiculture community. Equipped with the latest generation of sensors technology the custom designed observational hives incorporated in the structure will constitute the main point of attraction and they will play an important role in the series of tours and lectures to be held at the b-Shack for students of all ages. The future venue encourages outreach on sustainable methods of creating and living within the world and it engages a diverse set of stakeholders in critical applied research focused on urban beekeeping.

The goal the team is asking for is enough to cover the estimated cost of materials, fabrication, assembly, and necessary expertise.

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