Divorce Advice for Men and Women with Children

While divorce is hard on the parties separating, it’s even tougher on the children of the marriage. In order to help kids through this process, has gotten some great divorce advice for men with children .


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Whenever a life change occurs, particularly one like divorce, good divorce advice for men with children is to allow themselves to go through the four stages of coping – denial, anger, grieving, and acceptance. When a man denies his feelings and ignores the pain a divorce can cause, he ends up expressing them at some other, usually inappropriate, time. He must go through the coping processes in order to be able to get on with his life in a positive manner.

Divorce advice for women with children, including:

- Accept the Stages of Coping
- Communicate with Ex-Spouse
- Avoid Putting Children in the Middle
- Speak Well of Mom or Dad

The 4 Stages of Coping

Interact with Former Spouse

As difficult as it may be, some wise divorce advice for women with children is to keep the lines of communication open. The children’s father will forever be part of their lives, so being cordial and respectful while discussing child custody and other topics is important. Keep a cool head and be calm to work out a reasonable divorce agreement that has acceptable parameters and keeps the children’s welfare foremost.

Never Put the Kids in the Middle

No parent deliberately hurts their children, nor does he or she wish to use them in any way. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than one would think. Some great divorce advice for men with children is to work very hard not to put the children between the divorcing parents. Do not use them as messengers and do not put pressure on them to “choose” which parent they love more. That’s ridiculous and unfair, not to mention juvenile.

Don’t Speak Badly of the Ex-spouse

Here’s the very best divorce advice for women with children: Do not bad-mouth their father. Don’t do it when they are with their dad and don’t do it when they are not with him. The same can be said to dads, and they should never talk badly about the kids’ mom. It demeans the other parent and makes the one doing it look like an immature child. It also does a lot of emotional damage to the children.

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