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Going through a divorce is hard, even when the parties are amicable. Depending on a woman’s situation, it can sometimes be difficult for her to stand up for her rights during this process.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Divorce is emotionally, physically, and spiritually taxing. Some great divorce advice for women is to be sure to do things that encourage positive feelings. Take a long soak in a warm bubble bath or go for a quiet stroll with the family dog. Join a spa that offers yoga or other relaxation classes. Get regular exercise and eat a healthy diet full of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Take a self-defense class in which yelling is greatly encouraged; it’s amazing how much shouting loudly can relieve stress. has found some great divorce help for women, and would like to share it with them, such as:

- Take Care of Oneself
- Rely on Family and Friends
- Deal with Issues
- Seek Therapeutic Support

Pay Attention to Body, Mind, and Soul

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Call in Reinforcements

A woman does not have to go through the divorce process alone. Helpful divorce tips for women are out there; just look for them. For example, call some good gal friends and get together for a gab fest. Try to spend more time with family members. One does not have to whine or cry while doing these activities, but if that’s what happens, okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. Family and friends are there to help, whatever that entails, so if they can lend a strong shoulder, go ahead and use it.

Don’t Avoid the Issues

Here’s some important free divorce advice for women: Bravely address the issues that come up. Try not to rise to the other party’s verbal jabs; rather, speak calmly and make every attempt to stick to the heart of the problem, whatever it is at that moment. Don’t turn to alcohol, drugs, or other mind-altering substances to help get through the divorce; all that accomplishes is postponing having to deal with the hurt, anger, and sadness.

Go to a Therapist

Effective divorce help for women can come from a licensed therapist or a women’s divorce support group. It’s okay to let feelings out, regardless of what they are. A therapist or counselor can help one work through the feelings in an appropriate, constructive manner, rather than in a destructive one that can hurt. In a support group, one can help other women going through the same thing, which can be therapeutic in itself.

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