Divorce Lawyers Help for Low Income People - When One Can Not Afford a Lawyer

Attorneys of all types are expensive, whether they’re tax lawyers or family law practitioners. For some people, the cost of legal representation is something they can afford. However, it’s not that easy to get lawyers for low income people getting a divorce.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Nobody gets through a divorce for free, but divorce lawyers for low income people can petition the court for a waiver of court fees. This can save hundreds of dollars and make obtaining a divorce much less costly. A person can look online to see if the family court in his area publishes the forms needed to request a waiver, or he can send the appeal for them through his attorney. has looked into this problem and would like to share the information it gathered about it, such as:

- Waivers for Court Fees
- Low-Cost Legal Assistance
- Document Preparation Services
- Temporary Maintenance

Court Cost Waivers

Reduced Fee Legal Representation

There are several places that provide lawyers for low income people getting a divorce. One of them is the local Legal Aid Society. Another is a pro bono (free) clinic. The city or state bar association may be able to connect a person to an attorney who will charge a lesser fee for his services. Many law firms have lawyers that volunteer their time at no cost, also. There are divorce classes offered through legal aid that allow an individual to prepare his or her own divorce paperwork for free, too.

Need Divorce Lawyers and Can't Afford, Low Income People can Send Request Here for Free Consultation

Paperwork Preparation Companies

One way for those short on cash to avoid requiring divorce lawyers for low income people is to do the divorce themselves. There are legal document preparation companies that will prepare the forms for a person. Often, there’s a divorce attorney on hand to go over them after they've been filled out to make sure they’re done properly. These companies can be found in the telephone book or online.

Transitory Financial Maintenance

When a couple is divorcing and one spouse is in a better financial position than the other, lawyers for low income people getting a divorce can petition the court for temporary maintenance for the one who can’t afford an attorney. This can stick in the financially well off spouse’s craw somewhat, but too bad. It seems fitting that the one with more money should pay for the other’s attorney so both of them get reasonable legal representation.

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