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Divorce Lawyers in Fayetteville NC Promote Mediation over Traditional Divorce

Mediation provides numerous benefits over traditional divorce proceedings


Fayetteville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- The cost of a divorce varies greatly within the state of North Carolina. According to eHow, an uncontested divorce, on average, costs anywhere from $115 to $300, while divorces requiring court involvement run anywhere from $8,187 to $132,600. These figures fail to account for time missed from work and other expenses incurred, such as the cost of child care when the divorcing spouses must appear in court. Mediation helps to reduce these costs significantly.

"Mediation tends to be the quickest process for divorcing parties, helping to keep costs down, and offers the parties more control over what is ultimately decided. Both must agree to the mediator before proceeding, and he or she must be a neutral third party, although there is no requirement stating the mediator must be an attorney," Adriaan Rossouw of Divorce Lawyers in Fayetteville NC (http://www.divorcelawyersinfayettevillenc.com) explains.

The mediator oversees a mediation hearing, one where both parties, along with their attorneys, work to come to an agreement. The mediator often starts by determining which issues are not at play as both parties are in agreement as to what should happen. Often, when an area of disagreement arises, the mediator works with all present to brainstorm solutions in an attempt to find one agreeable to all. His or her goal is to keep the lines of communication open with the hope being this will continue once the divorce is finalized.

"Some question the benefits of mediation as they worry issues won't be resolved using this method. Although some find they can't come to an agreement on all issues, mediation often leads to an agreement on some issues, simplifying the divorce process. What really makes this method so successful, however, lies in the fact that both parties have more say over what happens, rather than having a person of the court, one not familiar with all facts of the case, make these decisions based on impersonal and rigid legal principles," Rossouw continues.

Divorce Lawyers in Fayetteville NC understands each relationship is unique and offers a wide range of options for those choosing to divorce (www.divorcelawyersinfayettevillenc.com/practice-areas). Request a consultation today as the initial meeting is where one can best determine, with the help of an attorney, which process meets their needs. For some, mediation is the answer. Others find it best to choose arbitration or a court proceeding.

"The attorneys at Divorce Lawyers in Fayetteville NC put the client's needs above all else. In cases of domestic violence or emotional abuse, mediation may not be the answer. The same is true when it appears one party plans to use the process to delay paying child support or alimony. The attorney considers this when making recommendations to determine the right choice for each client," Rossouw explains.

Divorce Lawyers in Fayetteville NC promises to handle all cases with sensitivity and requires attorneys undergo training specifically for this purpose. Divorce isn't pleasant, but the firm tries to make it a good experience, one which leaves the family in a better situation when it is over. The attorneys support all clients at each stage of the process as each deserves nothing less. Contact an experienced divorce attorney in Fayetteville NC today. "

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