DivTECH Releases New Cloud Based Email Marketing Portal for Non-Opt in Email Marketing


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- Email marketing has been proven to be one of the highest ROI marketing activities a business can employ if they have the raw data and tools to process and target efficiently. So far, the difficulty has been in marketing to those who have not actively subscribed to updates; the very people who companies wish to market to the most. A solution is now presented by DivTECH, a Boston based technology company who have recently launched a powerful online marketing portal to address these challenges.

The DivTECH email marketing portal now empowers companies to send marketing messages via email to their target market, which they can define by multiple variables, including by Geography, Industry, Company Size, and Professional Title, allowing for industry leading audience targeting.

The new email marketing portal focused on marketing to non opt-in email addresses, meaning users can create true email marketing using the service, above and beyond mere list management. DivTech compensates for the dangers of such enhanced access by actively managing the risk of blacklisting to protect the customer at all time.

The software also allows for AB testing and muti-variable split testing, with an advanced lead scoring system that analyses the email recipients’ actions in order to track the success of the campaign strategy and report it back to users. The system tracks email opens, forwards, print outs and click throughs to create a complete picture for users.

A spokesperson for DivTECH explained, “We have moved into designing solutions for companies because through our extensive consultancy we understood that no satisfactory answers to the challenges companies now face online currently exist, so it was our responsibility to create them. Our direct email marketing portal is one of the most flexible and powerful online tools available anywhere in the world, and businesses are already excited by the functionality and applications of the launch version, which is attracting new subscribers from major companies every day. The key benefit of our software is that we have a dedicated, active risk-management system working to keep users safe and optimize their reach safely.”

About DivTECH
DivTECH LLC is a Boston based tech company building innovative solutions which combine the best practices and technology of inbound marketing, and expand upon them with software and an experienced sales team. DivTech’s team has a unique combination of skills including PPC, SEO, Web Design, and Analytics. What started as affiliate marketing, moved to consulting, and now they design solutions from scratch to help companies reach their goals online. For more information, please visit: http://www.divcomgroup.com/