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DIY Surveillance Pro Announces Sale Price for Wireless Covert Spy Camera


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Individuals can never be too careful about what is occurring inside or outside of their property. As technology advances, it is easier than ever to keep an eye on the most important aspects of life. To prevent others from being able to blatantly see a security device, DIY Surveillance Pro is announcing their sale price for its exclusive, wireless spy camera. The camera comes equipped with a portable DVR to allow users the ability to view their surveillance from the palm of their hands. This product, the Palmboy 4.0 is on sale for the low price of $199.99, over 25 percent off the retail price.

When searching for spy cameras in New York, the Palmboy 4.0 from DIY Surveillance Pro is loaded with useful features. Not only will users be able to see what their recording, they also have the opportunity to listen and control whether the camera is off or on. This device weighs only a few ounces, and can be placed anywhere with its detachable mounting bracket. Whether keeping an eye on the house, the kids, the office, or the car, the Palmboy 4.0 allows users to watch on the DVR device or a TV or PC. In the Multimedia Player Mode, users are granted the opportunity to upload and play videos or store photos for the future.

Customers can keep track of the time on their recording with its time stamp feature, and view recordings in one of six different video formats. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery lasting up to three hours, users can extend battery life with the motion detection feature. With its size and variety of capabilities, users can assure their properties and children are safe through all hours of the day. To hear more about this product or to browse the variety of CCTV cameras in Philadelphia available, visit the website today.

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