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DIY Surveillance Pro Is Now Offering an October Sale on CCTV Security Cameras


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2014 -- As the fall season has arrived, the sun goes down early, leaving homes and businesses susceptible to burglaries during longer hours of the day. A high quality surveillance system is one of the best deterrents to vandals. DIY Surveillance Pro is pleased to announce they are offering a sale their extensive varieties of CCTV cameras throughout the month of October. Now, property owners can sleep at ease knowing their belongings are being watched by the best security cameras in the industry.

Offering discounted prices on all home CCTV cameras in Philadelphia, DIY Surveillance Pro gives residents the comfort and security they deserve, all while saving them money. The company offers assistance for customers not sure what they may need to secure their property such as what camera to buy and where to place it. With their current sale, now is the time to protect all investments with their list of trusted security cameras.

In Philadelphia, a security camera can be the difference between a storefront being vandalized or left alone. The list of benefits for installing these cameras includes cutting out the expenses of covering up graffiti to acting as a theft deterrent. If theft does occur at a business, thanks to the high definition recordings, finding the thief will be a much easier task. The company offers a variety of security cameras that are designed to cover all the needs of both large and small businesses.

The system available from DIY Surveillance Pro provides professional quality protection at affordable rates. For those interested in buying a CCTV security camera in Philadelphia, please browse the website or contact the company today.

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DIY Surveillance Pro is owned and operated by a small team of friends who are just looking to offer property owners the greatest products and services for all their needs. They are fully equipped with the most experienced security specialists who take pride in designing systems that will keep homes and offices safe. By offering do-it-yourself security systems, it allows those to implement high quality products at the most affordable prices on the market. They offer a variety of security systems, hardware and accessories for those looking to add value to their homes.

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