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DIY Surveillance Pro Now Offering Exclusive Home Security Camera Kit at Low Price


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- When families and homeowners are away from their home, the safety of their property becomes a primary concern. To avoid any burglaries or trespassing, many homeowners—and business owners—are turning to advanced and modern surveillance equipment to guard the property—both while they are on the premises, and away. This way, they can see anything and everything that is occurring outside of their house or place of business. For those owners interested in protecting their property with the most innovative technology, DIY Surveillance Pro is announcing their exclusive DVR4-2600 home security camera system at the most competitive price in the industry. With smart phone connection ability, and remote viewing from the living room television or any PC with internet connection, this product comes with four separate CCD cameras.

Whether owning a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile device, the stream from this camera system can be viewed in real-time no matter where it is being accessed. The product costs just $499 and can be set to a motion detection recording system in an effort to save the battery life. With this home security camera in Philadelphia, those interested will have complete control of their system for optimal property protection. Choose the preferred resolution, video compression and frames per second, and switch to night vision when necessary.

When an incident occurs, owners will be able to access the time and date in order to easily find specific events and transport the happenings to a USB port. This is the most innovative piece of security equipment that has adapted to modern times, allowing homeowners to view the property every second they’re away from the home. To inquire further about the DVR4-2600 security system with a 4-channel digital video recorder from DIY Surveillance Pro, or to browse their inventory for other spy gadgets to further protect a property, please call 800-930-6875 or visit their website today.

About DIY Surveillance Pro
DIY Surveillance Pro is owned and operated by a small team of friends who are just looking to offer property owners the greatest products and services for all their needs. They are fully equipped with the most experienced security specialists who take pride in designing systems that will keep homes and offices safe. By offering do-it-yourself security systems, it allows those to implement high quality products at the most affordable prices on the market. They offer a variety of security systems, hardware and accessories for those looking to add value to their homes.

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