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DIY Surveillance Pro Now Offering Sale Price on USB Flash Drive Recorder


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- When interested in adding an extra sense of security to a home or office, it is important to have a reliable, easy to use device in an effort to record any mischief, wrongdoing, or simply to keep an eye on the house when nobody is home. With a sleek, slim device, DIY Surveillance Pro is pleased to announce they are now offering a sale price on their USB flash drive recorder. The USB spy camera can be used for a variety of security reasons, capturing video and audio when needed.

This device can be placed on a counter in the home, or a desk in the office, not causing a second glance due to the common uses of a USB drive for transporting files. The USB recorder from DIY Surveillance Pro is equipped with a motion sensor that will automatically record audio and video each time motion is triggered. For a limited time, customers can purchase this handheld spy recorder for the low price of $59.99.

Those who purchase this device can also implement it for recording a business meeting. This way a manager can watch, at their convenience, to determine how the meeting went, or how well the employees were paying attention. It can be easily slipped into and out of pockets or handbags, and can lay flat on a desk while recording every sound and image in its line of view.

With about two hours of battery life at full charge, those who invest in this piece of spy equipment will be pleased with the high quality results. Parents can easily find out what their kids are up to when home alone and employees can see who has been in their office and when. The recordings are saved onto a micro SD card—purchased separately—and can be viewed from any PC. For more information about the USB flash drive recorder, or to inquire on other wireless cameras that add security to personal or professional activities, please call 800-930-6875 or visit the website today.

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