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DIY Surveillance Pro Now Supplies Wholesale Security Products and Camera Kits

DIY Surveillance Pro now supplies wholesale security products and camera kits.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- DIY Surveillance Pro now supplies wholesale security products and camera kits. Top-selling security products featured on their website include the Prodigy PDL-L-DVR4 Surveillance Kit and the DVR4-2600 kit. DIY security cameras have been protecting homes and businesses for over 20 years.

The Prodigy PDL-L-DVR4 Kit combines everything needed for a turn-key advanced camera system, without the set-up hassles a person would normally expect from a premium, multifunctional monitoring system. With advanced features: alarm, email nxotification, audio, emap (including connecting locations to Google Map), individual recording settings per channel and more.

Capable of monitoring and recording images from four cameras simultaneously, the DIY-DVR4-2600 digital video recorder offers state of the art, professional monitoring capabilities in an easy to install, easy to setup and easy to use package. The included four professional grade DIY-PRO-580 CCD cameras will provide crystal clear video direct to the DVR.

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For over 20 years, the experts at DIY Surveillance Pro have earned the trust and confidence of their valued customers by providing professional assistance and expert technical advice for Do it Yourselfers. People can rely on them to offer hundreds of the latest Do It Yourself Surveillance Products, all at an affordable price. They have designed their website with ease of use and customer service in mind. They are proudly owned and operated by a small team of security system design specialists. Their focus is to give online shoppers the best home security systems and business security cameras in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Products they offer include camera kits, hidden cameras, home security systems and spy cameras for business or home use.

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