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DJCRE Helps Property Owners Find the Right Tenants


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2018 -- Rental property owners who are having trouble finding the right tenants to fill their spaces and are wondering, "Who will rent my home near Graduate Hospital?" are encouraged to contact DJCRE Property Management.

By calling this company, owners can learn about how a property management company can help them find tenants who will respect their spaces to fill vacancies. Bad tenants can ruin the value of a rental property as well as cause an endless headache.

From wrecking the property and leaving homeowners with a massive bill to pick up to constantly giving landlords an excuse on why their rent is late, bad tenants can cause serious issues for landlords, some of which may even cause them to lose money on their investment property.

DJCRE Property Management is a property management company that knows how to tell fact from fiction when reading renter's applications, so they can avoid placing bad tenants into their clients' properties.

By avoiding bad tenants, homeowners will see lower repair bills, faster turnarounds on their rent payments and minimize vacancies on their properties, all of which lead to more money in the property owner's pocket.

Now that 2018 has officially arrived, it's time for property owners to set themselves up for a less stressful year by working with DJCRE Property Management to fill their space with better tenants. Rental property owners who are interested in learning more about the benefits of working with a property management company are encouraged to contact DJCRE Property Management.

This leading property manager in Philadelphia can be reached by calling 215-720-1097 or visiting them online at to fill out a contact form.

About DJCRE Property Management
DJCRE has specialized in Philadelphia property management and homeowner's insurance for over 40 years. The company offers experience, expertise, and professionalism when handling mediation between renters, homeowners, and third party contractors. Their executives' background includes finance, building, real estate, and insurance.

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