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DJCRE Uses New Technology to Improve Landlord-Tenant Relations


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2019 -- Investment property owners and landlords know firsthand that maintaining great relationships with their tenants can increase profits and reduce turnover. Unfortunately, property owners may not always have the tools they need to make tenants' lives or payment easy. DJCRE is a Philly property management company that uses the latest technology to connect property owners to their tenants.

DJCRE knows that making paying rent easy incentivizes tenants to stay on top of their payments. Their tenant portal allows tenants to quickly and easily pay their rent online — no more worrying about checks or cash going missing in the mail. Their system (called "AppFolio") makes it easy for tenants to see what they have to pay when. It also allows property owners to better manage their real estate portfolios and tenant relationships from the comfort of their own home or office. By allowing owners and managers to access their statements on-demand and respond to maintenance requests faster than ever before, there's no doubt that AppFolio is a valuable asset.

DJCRE's tech suite doesn't begin when tenants are placed in a property—they also use a robust online marketing strategy when advertising spaces to fill vacancies fast and increase profits. They use local rental and sales data to determine the best price for a resident's home, and they also use extensive screening software to reduce the possibility that the owner will need eviction services in South Philly.

Property owners who need a helping hand managing their spaces this summer are encouraged to get in contact with the team at DJCRE today by calling 215-720-1097.

About DJCRE Property Management
DJCRE has specialized in Philadelphia property management and homeowner's insurance for over 40 years. The company offers experience, expertise, and professionalism when handling mediation between renters, homeowners, and third party contractors. Their executives' background includes finance, building, real estate, and insurance.

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