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DK Security Products Unveils CCTV Monitoring Service

The new monitoring service keeps constant tabs on closed circuit cameras and reports on crime or potential property damage.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- DK Security Products has introduced a CCTV monitoring service that keeps track of closed circuit cameras. The live video monitoring service is intended to reduce crime and property damage. Starting with a consultation, the company then evaluates each property and installs a suitable camera system.

If an intruder or crime is detected, the company contacts local police. The company is experienced with dispatching information to police, and monitors all entry and exit points of the customer’s facility. Extras include links to burglar alarm companies to eliminate false alarms.

Outdoor motion detectors and photo beam cells are used where necessary, allowing the company to monitor remote or hard to see areas of a property. Pan, tilt, zoom cameras are often used. Surveillance video is monitored 24 hours a day at a secure monitoring station.

DK Security Products works with clients such as car dealerships, warehouses, marinas, equipment storage yards, residential homes, self-storage units, stores, and more throughout the United States. The CCTV monitoring service can detect intruders 10-15 minutes before they commit a crime.

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About DK Security Products
DK Security Products offers a CCTV monitoring service for residential and business customers. It monitors CCTV cameras 24/7 to spot any suspicious activity before a crime or property damage results. Able to dispatch information to local police, the company works with each customer to develop a custom security strategy and monitoring service.