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DLA Editors & Proofreaders Introduces Book Editing Services

Professional book editing is now available and with exceptional prices


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- DLA Editors & Proofreaders, a trusted source for editing and proofreading, now also offers comprehensive and reliable book editing services. In the past, writers would have to choose between high-volume, low-cost editing services and high-priced freelance book editing. But with DLA Editors & Proofreaders, clients can enjoy the services of a dedicated and professional book proofreader, but at a fraction of the cost. DLA’s book editors understand the effort their clients put into a manuscript and provide the same level of commitment to ensure the final product is the best it can be.

DLA Editors & Proofreaders’ book editing services assigns an individual, in-house proofreader to each assignment. DLA does not outsource the work and encourages writers and proofreaders to establish a professional working relationship that allows them to collaborate and develop a final product that the writer will be proud of. While DLA book editing services may cost more than a typical high-volume editing company, they remain significantly more affordable than similar-quality freelance editors. Writers can enjoy the individualized relationship they would have with a freelancer, but at a fraction of the cost.

The company also offers turnaround times that are among the fastest, fully guaranteed turnaround times in the industry. Due to the fact that DLA Editors & Proofers uses a team of in-house editors and proofreaders to provide book editing services, clients can rest assured that they will have a dedicated individual working on their manuscripts. The team members at DLA Editors & Proofreaders are not only expert proofreaders, but are also reliable and committed individuals eager to help writers succeed.

Whatever type of book clients are developing, DLA book proofreaders can help make it better. In addition to basic book editing services such as proofreading, their editors can focus on adherence to industry styles – Chicago, APA, MLA, etc. – and also on the clarity and consistency of tone, ideas and concepts in addition grammatical considerations. Their editors can assist with flow and transitions, sentence and paragraph structure, and the overall structure of the manuscript, as well as the appropriateness of style and tone to the audience. Where appropriate, DLA’s team of editors can even verify the cited sources and ensure there is no plagiarism.

For more information about book editing services and to request an instant online quote, visit http://www.dlaeditors.com/.

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