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DNA Repair Now Possible, Is Immortality Next?

Scientist have found a new "super herb" from the Amazon rainforest and clinical studies have proven that it can repair damaged DNA.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- Discovery
Scientists from the Centroflora Groups together with Optigenex Inc. have discovered that some compounds from the extract of Uncaria Tormentosa originally found in the deep regions of the Amazon rainforest can accelerate the body's natural DNA repairing capability. The scientists devised a way to extract this compound into ingestible form and named it AC-11®. Optigenex Inc currently holds 6 US patents for AC-11® and AC-11® also has patent pending internationally.

Does it work?
AC-11® has undergone rigorous and extensive testing with the help of Centroflora Group in Brazil. It is ISO 9002 certified and approved by the US FDA and US Department of Agriculture. Optigenex Inc. boasts that AC-11® is one of the few and rarest drugs that have undergone the amount of detailed and rigorous test to prove its effectiveness.

AC-11® has been tested to improve the immune function and recovery of patients under chemotherapy, enhanced vaccine response, accelerated DNA repair in human subjects, protects skin against damage caused by exposure to UV light and the most surprising of all, to reverse and slow down the aging process. AC-11® was also tested on animal subjects and have shown the same similar results.

Mild toxicity is a problem with locally available Uncaria Tormentosa extract that is water-soluble and alkaloid based. This is due to the combination of other plant chemicals and enzymes that are not suitable for long term consumption. Since Optigenex patented molegular filtration process and production plant is a contaminant/toxin-free environment, pure AC-11® was produced without these harmful plant compounds. The recommended dosage of AC-11® is around 350mg to 700mg for a regular sized adult.

Commercial Availability
Optigenex Inc. have partnered exclusively with Onnit Labs for the commercial production of ingestible AC-11®. The two companies produced a nutritional supplement called Alpha Brain™ geared towards athletes and people seeking to improve their mental and physical performance.

Initial Market Acceptance
Several athletes have tried and tested AC-11 through the Alpha Brain™ supplement and the responses are quite positive., one of the top nootropics/smart drugs review site made a very critical and detailed Alpha Brain review. The conclusion was that Alpha Brain, due to the synergy achieved by its individual brain-enhancing ingredients and AC-11 produced a remarkably effective cognitive enhancer while protecting the brain and enhancing the immune system.

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