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DNP Salary Website Discusses Steps and Advantages of Getting a Doctorate in Nursing Practice


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Nurses looking to earn a higher salary or a steadier career in the medical field can investigate options on getting a Doctorate in Nursing Practice at the newly launched website DNP Salary.

DNP stands for Doctorate in Nursing Practice. This is a degree obtained by some nurses after achieving a master’s degree in nursing. Acquiring a DNP degree opens up eligibility for nursing positions with salaries at a substantially higher level than salaries for nurses with lesser educational titles. “Securing your DNP will make you an expert in your chosen specialization, and you will be eligible for the industry’s top paying positions,” the website states in one of its informative articles.

DNP Salary addresses one of the biggest concerns of working nurses: time. Most nurses don’t have time to attend school. This new website covers this issue by discussing topics like DNP online programs that allow nurses to study on their own time schedule. Nurses or students looking to find a job in the medical field will also find out more about the process of acquiring their DNP. For instance, in order to qualify for a DNP a person must have earned their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The site points out ways to plan ahead for a DNP from the beginning of their nursing education by considering BSN to DNP programs. “BSN to DNP programs allow registered nurses to take their careers in a new direction. Rather than working directly with patients, they will be qualified to train other nurses, work in administrative or managerial positions, or even work in positions related to nursing and healthcare policy,.” DNPSalary.com states.

According to the website most nurses with a DNP will earn more than $70,000 a year. DNP Salary elaborates on salary rates for different specialties in its articles. Nurses or potential nurses will find a variety of issues and topics dealing with earning a DNP degree and how it can bring in a higher salary and better positions at DNP Salary. Website readers will also find information on how they can pursue a DNP online with relevant links to reliable programs.

More About DNP Salary
DNP Salary website has set out to inform and educate nurses and students interested in the medical field how they can advance their career by providing news, articles, and information dealing exclusively with earning a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. For more information visit: http://www.dnpsalary.com/