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Porirua, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- The Dnslookup tool is an excellent diagnostic tool that helps user figure out IP addresses of a domain name without the need of spending hours and hours on research. The tool performs any queries on the computer that has the DNS program. The program simply does a look up for information related to network IP address on the internet. The tool can be used to convert the domain name into the IP address as well. The nslookup tool works on different computing platforms. The program is installed along with the TCP/IP protocol stack. Although the implementation might be different on various platforms such as unix or MS, the format of the command would remain the same.

Ns lookup is nothing but a name server lookup and the tool performs the queries through the operating system. The DNS server translates these domain names into related IP addresses making it even easier for the users. This tool helps in maintain the site security as well especially when they are experiencing an unusual traffic flow to their sites. If the users see that the traffic is originating from similar IP addresses or a group of addresses all the time and every time then it is definitely spammed.

The DNS Lookup Tool also allows users to lookup for MX lookup or Mail Exchanger lookup. The MX record would provide information about the mail server responsible for accepting messages on behalf of the recipient’s domain. Spammers usually target MX records by connecting to the backup MX servers for a particular domain so as to avoid any type of anti-spam filters. Although the backup MX servers have a variety of anti-spam techniques, there are many spammers who can outrun them as well. The DNS lookup tool will help users identify such spammers. Commands such as MX lookup, NS lookup, cname lookup or mx records lookup can be performed on this tool.

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DNS Lookup Tool, www.dnslookuptool.net based at Porirua, Wellington is a site that offers nslookup services so that users can check for IP addresses for a given domain name. Users can also find other information such as MX records, A records, CNAME records or plain TXT records for a domain name.

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