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Dnurse Get the First CE Approval for Smart Glucose Meter - Now Available for Windows Phone


Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2016 -- Dnurse Glucose Meter and Dnurse app have gained CE approval, which is the first CE approval of smart glucose meter in China. CE (European Conformity) has become a mandatory conformity for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985. CE approval declares that the quality of certain products meets EU standard. Besides, Dnurse app is now open to Windows Phone for free.

Dnurse Glucose Meter is a portable blood glucose meter providing fast and accurate blood glucose test results through connecting to smart phone via headphone jack. With the help of Dnurse App, all blood testing results are automatically and permanently analyzed and stored in the cloud. As a full-time nurse at hand, Dnurse reminds patients of blood checking, drug taking, and exercising. Since Dnurse app has two versions: for patients and doctors each, all blood testing results could reach your doctor in no time. Now Dnurse app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone for free.

As a China based hardware & software company, Dnurse technology aims to provide closed-loop mobile diabetes management solutions through device + app + value-added service. Sinnocare, the largest biopharmaceutical company in Asia, provides professional medical and technical support for Dnurse Technology.

"Our mission is to help all diabetes to manage their blood glucose and ease their life long pain," said Jason Li, CEO of Dnurse Technology, "you can share your testing results to your loved ones and your doctors." Although users of Windows Phones are fewer, we still pay efforts for Windows Phone version, "as all diabetes sufferers are equally important to us".

About Dnurse Technology Co., Limited
Dnurse Technology Co., Limited was established in June 2013. It is the first Chinese mobile medical company aiming at diabetics self-management. With CE certification, the Dnurse series of products can be sold to Europe and most emerging markets. Dnurse Technology expanded their business to Africa and the Mid-East last year. Cost of the Dnurse Glucose Meter standard package is $40.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Beijing Dnurse Technology Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr Ren
Address: 6F, Haohai Mansion, Shangdi 5 Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Phone: +86 18615201227