Do All the Search Engines Ask if They Were Helpful in the Search? Frompo Does

Not every product in the market caters to the need of its customers. After the launch, they become stagnant and are not possessed by the idea of changing it according to the user needs.


Aarhus, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- Aarhus, Denmark: “Live with it” attitude is considered good and impressive but not everywhere and every time is it a great idea. Frompo agrees with it. Not only did they successfully cater to the needs of users searching on web but also, they believe in the idea of continual improvement.

Every time, one searches for something on Frompo, along with the search results, they drop in a non-disturbing, polite question asking if the search result was helpful. Based on this data, it curates the search results continuously. Thus, everyday improving upon the data it contains and hence the web search results.

About Frompo
Frompo is a Denmark based company that has created a next generation curated search engine. It is a community of users who come together and curate search results to improve the search experience for everyone.

Objective of Frompo is to identify and classify the best content for a given topic or category. While most search engines typically get most of their traffic from the top 10-20% of their indexes, Frompo performs very specific and to the point, apt searches based on user needs.

Thus, with Frompo, one gets the best from the big search engines without the mess!

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