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Do-Cut's Power Equipment Warehouse Safety Tips

Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse keeps you safe no matter what the season!


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Let’s face it, at one time or another we have all taken our safety for granted; in a car, by a stove or on a ladder. However when it comes to using any outdoor power equipment, safety is not an option - it is critical or you’ll end up in critical care!

Here are some helpful tips to keep you safe no matter what the season.

Before using any piece of equipment it is important to inspect the area to be maintained. Doing so will enable you to remove potential hazards that could be thrown by the equipment and cause injury. This is true whether you plan to mow, snow blow, or trim shrubs and trees. Be sure children and pets are inside the house.

- Always wear hearing protection. Noise cancelling headphones, like Elvex muffs, keep loud equipment from damaging your hearing.
- Always wear eye protection. No one can predict when something will fly out from a piece of equipment; so it is far better to be safe with a pair of Elvex safety glasses, than sorry!
- Never cut the grass or use a string trimmer without proper shoes that cover your entire foot. Flip flops are not safe!
- Never, ever, ever use a chainsaw without wearing a pair of chainsaw chapps! Quality chainsaw chapps are made with Kevlar. If the chainsaw’s bar and chain come in contact with the chapps, it will bind and stop the chain before it can cut you.
- A safety helmet, eye & hearing protection and chainsaw chapps should always be worn when using a chainsaw. NO EXCEPTIONS!
- Protect yourself before applying harmful chemicals. We recommend eye protection, mask, chemical spray vest and sometimes chemical spray chapps that strap on to your arms and legs.
- Always be aware of who or what is around you. NEVER mow in reverse without carefully looking behind you.
- Never start or run any power equipment inside your home, even a generator. It must be run outside, in an open area.
- When using a snowblower, be sure to wear proper warm weather gear. Gloves, hat, and boots are essential. If you wear a scarf, be sure the ends are tucked securely in your coat. Serious injury can occur if the scarf gets caught in the equipment.

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