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Do-Cut's Power Equipment Warehouse Tree Selection Tips

Expert advice for selecting the right trees for any landscaped area


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2013 --

When choosing tree species, beauty is not the only criteria to consider.  Diversity, quality and environment are important factors, and can make all the difference for healthy trees now and in the future.  

If disease or pests strike, diversity can help to reduce the loss or damage to the trees. A yard containing all or several of the same species can suffer a devastating loss if one tree is affected, since all will likely become affected. For instance, when Elm species were planted prolifically in neighborhoods and parks, Dutch Elm disease decimated their populations, forcing homeowners and municipalities to replant on a large scale. Another more current example is the Emerald Ash Borer, a fast-spreading pest which feeds on the inner bark of ash trees, limiting their supply of nutrients, ultimately resulting in dead trees and/or limbs which need removed or, at the very least, cause safety concerns.

It is advisable to research tree options to ensure they will not only survive, but grow hardily in the environment. Soil type, sun exposure, and moisture are important. Several questions to ask are; How tall and how wide will it grow? Will the roots interfere with subsurface drainage or electrical routes? Is the soil deep enough to support the root life of the tree?

It is extremely important to purchase high-quality trees. Consult with experts or neighbors for recommendations on reputable and knowledgeable local sources. A good nursery, by definition, should care about their plants.

Proper planting and maintenance techniques will give plants the best chance to beat disease and grow to their potential. Pay attention to depth and width of the planting hole, mulching, watering and fertilizing. Unhealthy trees can attract insects that will only worsen the problem.

Lastly, brush up on chemical fertilizers and insect control products. Remember not all insects are bad and some can actually contribute to the health of trees and plants.

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