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Do It Yourself Medical Intuition Method to Be Launched by the Hypnosis of Portland Center


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- The Hypnosis of Portland Center, located in South West Portland, starting February 13, 2016, will begin teaching, upon increasing requests, a new class.

"DO YOUR OWN MEDICAL INTUITION HEALING - Beginner- Medical Intuition & Aura Scan"

A course about the basics of medical intuition, to enable everybody to perform their basic first body & energy scan & medical intuition reading, & how to get answers about physical/emotional problems, without needing to work with a Medical Intuitive Healer or Hypnotherapist.

The class will also offer tools on how to identify/dissolve physical/emotional blocks, negative patterns & pain, improving your health, promoting well being & magnetizing success, considering that anybody is born with this innate powerful intuitive quality, in themselves, and they would just need to learn how to tap into this deeper knowledge, then practice, to open up and read the signs the body's intelligence is trying to send, until it becomes eventually quite easy & fun to practice it, and then being able to receive benefits and the desired results.

Classes will be start at 3:30 pm and last about 2 hours, every week, and more details about the exact day will be given by contacting the information at the bottom of this page.

This class has a value of $105 but for this time, the price is only $35 for those who register before Jan. 31st, only $25.

The Hypnosis of Portland Center, has been engaged in hypnotherapy practice for over 16 years, providing different kinds of self-development and wellness classes, as well as Energy Psychology and Medicine, NLP, medical Intuition Healing, EFT services, as holistic approaches to health and well being. The Center's mission is to continuously be able to offer top hypnosis services, as well increment the Medical Intuition programs, based on increased requests.

More About Hypnosis of Portland's Medical Intuition Healing Program

The owner of Hypnosis of Portlant, says that success in improving health and in promoting healing, has a lot to do in paying attention to the signs one's inner intelligence is sending and in healing deep seated unconscious unhealthy and negative cellular memories or traumatic events from childhood, which are running in the background, resulting in emotional or physical discomforts and physical problems. Medical Intuition has an important role in healing the heal root cause of emotional/physical/mental issues in conjunction with hypnosis, which can reach the subconscious mind, and reprogram the false, negative beliefs patterns and energy disturbances.

The owner adds that Hypnosis is even more powerful when combined with with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - By using Hypnosis with EFT, it is possible to completely break a negative neural loop related to negative subconscious patterns, removing the original stress response trigger mechanism, in a much faster way.

About Hypnosis of Portland
Hypnosis of Portland was founded in 1999 in Santa Barbara CA , under the original name of A Happier You Hypnosis Company, it is presently located on Portland, Oregon and owned & run by Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, PhD., Certified NLP.

Media Contact:
Contact person: Annalena G. Cavallo, Owner/Founder
Portland OR, 97223
Office: 503-939-9886
Email: info@hypnosis-portland.com
Url: http://www.hypnosis-portland.com