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Do You Believe in Signs: Journey Beyond and Back - New Book Inspires Positive Changes on Earth

The latest memoir from prominent electromagnetic hands-on healer and writer, Shalomi/Rose Clark, seeks to bring positive insight and raise the consciousness of all who read it.


Bonita Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- Some things in life are better explained by others, including the paranormal. Proving this theory true is Shalomi/Rose Clark, an electromagnetic hands-on healer and writer whose latest memoir is opening the minds of readers around the world.

‘Do You Believe In Signs: Journey Beyond and Back’ is Shalomi’s memoir about healer/trance medium Bill Clark/Aracini, Shalomi/Rose and Princess Tara, the entity who spoke through Bill. Speaking about man’s truer nature and the ‘key’ to great, positive changes on Earth, the book sheds light on areas of existence that many often ignore.

Official synopsis:

With a flash from the sky Bill Clark is transported from his simple world of inspecting cars into another dimension of awareness. Bill is confused, his wife is frightened, they do not believe in psychic phenomenon but a new life journey has begun. Eventually it will lead beyond the earthly realm into esoteric regions overflowing with metaphysical and mystical phenomenon.

Travel with this humble and unassuming man and you will be propelled headlong into the whirlwind of supernatural events which permeated the life of this healer/trance medium, his family and friends, and his long lost love who returned from the afterlife to stand by his side. This riveting and exciting journey includes teleportation to other dimensions, numerous near death accidents, extraordinary experiences, and a Princess from ancient Mesopotamia who speaks of future events. For those with even the slightest interest in healing, walk-in's, reincarnation, channeling, or earth changes this book is an amazing read.

As Shalomi/Rose explains, the book comes to light following a personal calling to make its information known.

“I was told to make known the information spoken by Prince Aracini and Princess Tara, to increase awareness upon the Earth and to speak of the future events which were revealed. The earth and all her people need to awaken from the sleep of unawareness or apathy, as countries and governments crumble and people are transformed into beasts,” Shalomi/Rose says.

Continuing, “People are and can be so much more than they imagine.”

Offering a rich and enlightening journey for its readers, those indulging in the memoir will experience life with its characters through the use of healings, the stigmata, teleportation, paranormal testing, travel beyond this Universe, UFO’s, Reincarnation, Universal Laws and much more.

Do You Believe In Signs: Journey Beyond and Back is available now through Lulu.com

For more information, please visit the book’s official website: http://www.doyoubelieveinsigns.blogspot.com/

“I returned to this earth devoid of knowledge of earthly matters or of how mortals live in this here and now, but with the help of two divine beings I did learn. I am Shalomi - called The White Rose - I know not why I am called as such but I simply accept and I endeavor to continue to live as Aracini and Tara taught me.”