DobryKurs Gains Plaudits for Its Peer to Peer Currency Conversion Online


Warsaw, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Poland has a much greater need for foreign currency exchange than most other European countries, partly because of the fact that the country has not adopted the Euro and has opted to keep using the Zloty. While in many cases their European neighbours can hop across borders without having to change their money, Polish people are forced to convert currency.

One Polish currency conversion website that is getting a lot of attention recently is, site which allows currency conversion between users in a peer to peer model rather than through a bank or bureau de change. This innovative way of conducting a currency exchange market has lead to building a substantial reputation for great exchange rates.

The online currency (kantor internetowy or waluty online in Polish) changing process on is extremely efficient and easy to transact. Users deposit funds into the site, place an order for the currency they want to receive, and then go through simple cash out process.

The user interface of the site is incredibly well designed and intuitive, making the process of exchange incredibly efficient and fast.

In addition to having the best currency exchange rate on the Polish market, the site also conducts transactions with incredibly low fees. This makes by far the quickest and easiest way to change currency in Poland.

While customers may initially be wary of this new and innovative way of exchanging currency, they will be reassured to know that the entire process is watched over by the Polish National Bank.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Exchanging currency can be pretty expensive, especially in Poland. We also have to do it every time we hop across the border to the different nations that we border, as well as when travelling further afield. We wanted to create a website that lets people exchange currency in a mutually beneficial way instead of forking over huge fees to change currency at unfavourable exchange rates. The system lets people exchange currency between each other, supervised by the Polish National Bank. This means that the exchange rate is lower, and the fees that we impose are minimal. We believe it is the best way to exchange currency in Poland, and it’s certainly by far the cheapest.”

About is a Polish currency transaction website that allows people to exchange foreign currencies between themselves.

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