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Doctors Invent World's Longest Lasting (Slow-Dissolve/Time-Release) Breath Mint

A Slow-Dissolve Breath Mint Half the Size of a Tic-Tac That Lasts as Long as 40 Altoids. Also Kills Germs That Cause Bad Breath, Gum Disease and Tooth Decay and Strengthens and Whitens Teeth.


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- NeuOraMicroceuticals ( announced today the development and release of what it calls the "world's longest lasting breath mint."

Called "ForeverMints" ( this time-release "micro-dot"-sized breath mint adheres to the upper or lower rear gum, turns to a soft gel that takes hours to dissolve.

As it dissolves, it continuously releases all natural peppermint flavoring and contains a sweetener that has been shown in hundreds of studies to kill the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and cavities.

They even claim their patent-pending "dot" takes up to 8 hours to dissolve at night so you wake up in the morning with "fresh, kissable breath—ideal for honeymooners and newlyweds."

ForeverMints is the result of a collaboration between two doctors: Douglas Pratt, a University of California San Francisco Medical Center-trained pharmacologist with a research background in time-release technologies and Greggory DeVore, a Yale University trained physician specializing in diagnostic technologies.

The inventors claim their invention could revolutionize the multi-billion dollar-a- year breath freshening industry (candy mints, gums, sprays, and mouthwashes).

"What all of these traditional breath freshening products have in common," explains Dr. Pratt, "is they only last for a few minutes and, in most cases, only temporarily mask the problem. What is needed is a multi-hour solution that gets to the root of the problem."

"The most popular breath mint on the market today is the Altoid," adds Dr. DeVore. "It lasts, on average, only 3 minutes.”

The doctors claim you would have to consume up to 40 Altoids to get the same breath freshening duration of one 2+ hour slow- dissolve ForeverMints micro dot.

“When people ask me to explain the invention," says Dr. Pratt, "I try to put it in terms everyone can relate to. I say it's a tiny breath mint that's one-half the size of a Tic-Tac and is equal to 40 Altoids in duration."

The $29.95 price tag for a month's supply of 100 ForeverMints might seem a bit pricey at first. But when you compare it to what you pay for other breath fresheners but Dr. DeVore claims it's a bargain:

"To get the equivalent duration of a bottle of 100 ForeverMints, you'd have to buy up to 60 Altoid containers, consume over 4,000 Altoids and spend up to $120."

"Adding to the bargain,” says Dr. Pratt, "is the fact that ForeverMints are good for you. ForeverMints’ingredients have been proven to kill the germs that cause bad breath while promoting a positive oral health environment —fighting plaque, tooth decay, stimulating salivation for “dry mouth,” strengthening and even whitening teeth."

ForeverMints' time-release delivery system took 12 years to develop and perfect. The key to the system is being able to pack a minuscule amount of flavoring and bio-actives (anti-bacterials, whiteners) into a dot-sized tablet and have it last for hours while continuously releasing breath freshening and oral hygiene protection.

"Duration in oral hygiene products has always been a challenge," explains Dr. Pratt.

"What we did was to take natural plant fiber (cellulose) turn it to a fine powder and hydrate and heat it repeatedly to form a moisture resistant barrier that takes hours to dissolve."

"To make a tiny amount of peppermint favoring last for hours," Dr. Pratt explains, "natural flavor was extracted from a peppermint plant and its molecular structure was altered to increase and boost its flavor profile so that a milligram of flavor will be pleasantly strong and last for hours in the mouth."

"The moisture resistant (time-release) cellulose," concludes Dr. Pratt, "expanded flavoring and bio-active ingredients were mixed and compressed into tiny dot-sized ForeverMint tablets that take hours to dissolve in the mouth."

NeuOraMicroceuticals has applied it's delivery technology to Vitamin A for chronic pain relief (Neuora-Pain) and chromium piccolinate for appetite and blood sugar control for healthy weight loss (SuppressMint).

ForeverMints are currently available at at the introductory price of $19.95 for a 30-day supply.


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