DocuMart Launches Full Service Branding and Promotions Services for New Orleans announces full printing, advertising and fulfillment capabilities for New Orlean businesses of all sizes.


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Writing for the “Huffington Post” online, Columnist Elle-Rose Williams wants business to know that promotional items are a strategic element of any marketing effort. In her article “Why Promotional Products Still Matter” she goes on to report, “You need to distribute promotional items so that people can see your brand and associate these items with your business. The traditional advertising ploy of a giveaway item still works with consumers to this day. The more people who recognize your brand, the higher your sales will be in any business.”

Ms. Williams also gives a few suggestions, “Well designed promotional items are always welcomed. It could be a box of note paper or stationary, desk accessories for the office, easy to wear clothing or even something as useful as school supplies. As long as your logo or brand is on-board, the name of your business and what you provide for the community will be remembered.”

Meeting the needs of business who wish to establish themselves through branding and promotions, is the DocuMart Company. Their spokesperson Harahan describes their corporate mission as follows, “We are here to provide the City of New Orleans with superior printing, advertising and graphic design services. We match our unparalleled graphic design capabilities with an expertise in promotional items that are key to the branding efforts used by businesses of all sizes.”

Harahan goes on to explain, “Should you need promotional items to advertise your business, at Documart our team can handle every facet of the job. Our design team can take your concept all the way through the layout, editing, printing services and logo support. We top that all off with fulfillment services customized to meet your needs. We can take any job from a quote over our website, all the way to having your project completed and delivered to your doorstep by one of our DocuMart trucks.”

“Businesses and their promotional product needs are a specialty of ours.” Harahan adds, “We can help them with every aspect of their branding, from the initial concept to our delivery to them of their logo enhanced giveaway items. As a printing company that is well known in several states, our customers know that whether they require Printing in Salt Lake City or custom packaging in New Orleans, we stand behind our customer service pledge. All of our services are not just performed quickly, but always performed in a superior manner to please our customers.”

About DocuMart
The DocuMart Company has been in business over 50 years. The first branch was opened in Wichita, Kansas by Bill Gravley. Over the years much has changed in the world of printing, with computerization now leading the way for all forms of commercial printing. What has remained the same as the day the first DocuMart was opened in 1963, is the commitment to customer service that they have always been known for. This company offers a wide assortment of commercial printing services for businesses of all sizes. Their speedy and reliable service is now available at a myriad of locations in Louisiana, Colorado, Utah and Oregon.