Dodgers Seating Chart Announces Seating Chart for 2013 Season


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- has unveiled the latest Dodger Stadium Seating Chart for the benefit of users.

The much awaited Major League Baseball season of 2013 is here and fans of the league are eagerly looking forward to their team matches. And when it comes to fans of Major League teams, one doesn’t find them to be more passionate than those of Los Angeles Dodgers. The fans of this team are known all over their country for their enthusiastic support for their team. The fans are also quite knowledgeable and are considered to be the true patrons of the game.

Today the Dodger Stadium has the largest capacity amongst Major League Baseball stadiums and it seems fitting for the fervently passionate fans of the team. The stadium can host around 56,000 people, which actually is its seating capacity. And fans can make the most of the options for them with the help of the latest Dodger Stadium Seating Chart.

As one knows, the Dodgers Stadium has been divided into different seating areas and all of them have something unique for tickets fans. And of course the ticket prices in these areas vary a great deal as well, which is another factor fans have to consider. Some of the seating regions in the ballpark include Dodgers Prime Ticket Club, Dodgers Infield Reserve, Dodgers Left Field Pavilion and Dodgers All You Can Eat Pavilion. There are several other seating areas in the ballpark that fans can choose from.

Besides bringing the latest Dodger Stadium Seating Chart, also offers unique information about these different seating areas to its users. Thus they get all the handy inputs they need about these areas, their different facets, hallmarks etc, which helps them make their decision about buying tickets they want.

While fans are always supportive of their team and might want to attend every match at the stadium, ticket prices also happen to be a concern for them. But when it comes to big matches, besides the regular sources, they have to look at the secondary ticket market for a wide range of options. Moreover these tickets work out to be cheaper for them as well and that’s when users find this seating chart very helpful.

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