Does Sisterhood Exist New eBook Sets the Record Straight on Female Friendships


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- Women can be complicated, and no one knows that better than the author of Women Behaving Badly, Alana Munro. The author has personally experienced bullying, bitching and gossiping from female friends. In this book she shares her shocking, often painful true life stories. Revealing a sinister world that begs the question – does sisterhood actually exist between ordinary women or is sisterhood in 2013 an outdated and idealistic feminist sound bite?

The eBook, available on Amazon Kindle and other major online retail stores from June 2013, with a paper copy planned, seeks to expose all the negative behaviours often exchanged between women. Munro’s compelling and brutally honest debut will have die-hard feminist determined to defend the cruel behaviours she highlights.

Speaking exclusively to ABC Radio during a live studio interview, Munro reassures, “this book is not attacking women. On the contrary, it’s seeking to understand and protect women. It also arms women with the vital knowledge to protect themselves from toxic friends. This book encourages women to look honestly and deeply into their existing relations with females.”

The author further explains, “I wrote this book to liberate the modern woman from her passive silence. Sisterhood is a positive idea, I admire the concept but it is not realistic. It ignores the fact that women are only human beings who feel all the same negative, jealous and competitive emotions that men can feel. Women excel in hiding anger behind smiles due their rigid girl-hood social conditioning. The result can be covert and unhealthy relationships with other women. The sisterhood ideology overlooks how social pressures can reduce a woman’s capability to nurture other women. ”

The Western Australian Newspaper rates Women Behaving Badly as the truth that modern women have been waiting for. During her recent press interview, Munro said, “I wanted to start the awkward conversation between women and raise one’s personal awareness. It is not easy for women to admit that we can be nasty to each other. Women do bully other women. This book acknowledges that. Some readers may wish to argue my own reality and question whether my lessons from my hurt is in fact an accurate conclusion, but denial only fuels passive aggressive behaviours further.”

Munro adds, “I have personally experienced every behaviour I discuss in this book. I guess you could say I’ve received the lion’s share of jealousy, competition and power games all administrated from the ‘fairer sex’. This book goes deep into my nightmare experiences, allowing the reader to witness how cruel, fickle and complicated women can be. I want to empower women. Perhaps women can learn from my pain?”

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