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Does Thinking Positively Keep People Back?

A number of business websites and personal development gurus have recently disclosed a negative view about thinking positively, while discussing their reasons.


West Sussex, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2017 -- There have actually been a whole bunch of blog posts and press releases published that have an unfavorable view about the whole idea of positive thinking. In accordance with smallbiztrends.com, although quite a lot is known about how positive thinking is an incredible tool for both business organisations and people alike, it would appear that success objectives can in some cases be prevented by positive thinking.

A prime example of such mistakes, according to psychologytoday.com, is the possibility of deceiving oneself with positive thinking. The short article says that by trying to convince oneself about an outcome can prevent us from seeing the truth of the matter. For example, by convincing oneself that a done deal shall be signed, or that the next presentation will be effectively launched. While each is definitely a great result, if considered in a positive way, however the short article also says that in the event that beliefs and experiences aren't working hand in hand, individuals will inevitably end up becoming baffled and annoyed.

Another good example provided in the post was for making sure that thinking positively is put through a reality test, in order to consider the different alternatives, as well as having at least plan C to resort to, should plan A not make the grade. On the flip side of the health coin, in accordance with the short article current studies have suggested that being positive about future jobs does help in calming down people, as well as lowering high blood pressure. However on the unfavorable side, such thinking will also lower energy levels, so too much positive thinking can lead to individuals feeling rather sanguine.

According to Saltori thinking expert Andy Shaw, beyond positive thinking exists the secrets to wealth and individual success. In a current post seen on saltori.com, he emphasizes that our thoughts will develop our results. He also says: "Any thinking will never stay still, because it will either help or be harmful. Should it hurt, it's going to take us far from our desires, but if it does help, then it is going to lead us to success."

Andy likewise states that for individuals who want to get more from life than they currently do, it's simply a matter of eliminating painful thoughts and listening to helpful thoughts.

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