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Does Venus Factor System Work? Is the Cost of the Program Worth It? Read This Comprehensive Venus Factor Review by Rebates-Hut

John Barban, the man behind The Venus Factor, had created this weight loss workout specially for women in context to the role of leptin in women’s body. This weight loss system is different from other workouts because it focuses only on women’s weight loss and is designed to assist them in attaining that hourglass shape as well as boost their metabolism. The foundation of The Venus Factor is based on leptin and exposes the secret to increasing its levels and eventually, finding ways to defeating the genetically determined resistance.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Venus Factor diet program becomes increasingly popular these days, as it offers completely new approach compared to all widespread fasting diets that count calories and limit different kinds of food. No weight gain effect appears after completing this amazing specially designed for women weight loss program. The need of this Venus Factor review has risen as a result of many enquiries regarding this program and its efficiency from many interested women worldwide.

The Venus Factor unique approach targets individual needs of women who have different problems with overweight and obesity. It is designed based of the woman’s metabolism specifics and reveals valuable information regarding weight loss that only a few women are aware of. The program is science based and its amazing effects are proven by many customers who have already tried it. They report that they have been able to slim down up to 3 dress sizes during the first week of the program.

In addition, the program does not limit their favorite foods, but is based on rational diet. The Venus Factor reveals which are the foods that prevent people from slimming down and which of them boost this process. The customers will be surprised that many of the foods that are commonly considered as healthy are actually holdbacks for efficient weight loss.

One more thing that women should be aware of is that in order to get rid of extra pounds, the diet that women follow should be different from the one designed for men, as men and women have totally different metabolism. What works for men to slim down does not give the same results in women. The hormone that is responsible for weight control in the body is called Leptin. As a result of its activity, the metabolism speeds up and the body starts to burn fat faster. The problem is that women do not respond effectively to the Leptin signals, making the process of weight loss long and challenging.


The condition can deteriorate, if women are on fasting diets, as they even further suppress the Leptin signals, so their metabolism becomes too slow and they cannot get rid of a single pound. On the contrary, the body starts to gain weight fast after the diet is over and the women end up accumulating more fat than before starting the diet.

About The Venus Factor
The Venus Factor is a proven diet program designed especially for women who have weight issues. It has helped to hundreds of customers to reach their desired weight fast and safely.