Vebo Pets Now Sells Heavy Duty Double-Deck Pet Cage with Wheels

Available in two different sizes, standard size and large size, Vebo Pets now sells heavy duty double-deck pet cage with wheels. The standard size double-deck dog cages are ideal for small dogs like Maltese, Shi-Tzu and others, while the large size is suitable for small as well as medium size dogs such as Staffies, Beagles and many more.


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- One of the representatives while describing their product in detail stated, “Our Double-deck Pet cage is totally identical to our single cage, except it is made as a single cage. Its front and back are both single panels, making it much safer and more stable than stacking a crate on top of another. Made up of Heavy duty thick metal tube frame with high quality metallic powder-coating finish, its each compartment has its own front door and own lock”.

The company's dog cages at Brisbane are known for their spacious closers and hence, give dogs more space to play while keeping the pets safe and secure. Vebo Pet Supplies also stocks high quality bird cages, and people from any location in Australia can buy cheap yet high-quality bird cages from the company at competitive prices. They offer a wide variety of pet cages for dogs, birds, birds, rabbits where no other supplier could provide. Thus, with such a comprehensive range of cages and enclosures, their online store is a must-see for any type of pet enclosures.

Apart from selling dog enclosures for the average pet owner, they also supply enclosures to professionals like dog breeders, trainers, animal welfare groups, vets and kennels catteries.

Specialized in pet enclosure supplier, Vebo Pet stocks one of the largest ranges of pet cage, crates, houses and enclosures in Australia. They have been supplying pet enclosures to the local community in the past few years and their line of customers include the RSPCA, NSW Police Dog Unit, AQIS, Sutherland city council, Hawkesbury city council, professional dog trainers, non-profit animal rescue squads and animal shelters. The quality products from the house of Vebo Pet are proudly used by vets, boarding kennels, catteries, dog breeders, pet grooming shops across Australia.

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