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Dog Owners Turn Their Attention to Martingale Dog Collar


Sparta, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Pet owners around the globe are always on the lookout for products that are safe and, at the same time give the owner, better control over their pets. In this regard, a collar that has become the first choice of majority of pet owners is the Martingale dog collar. This is a special kind of collar with a unique design to ensure safety. Although these collars have become very popular, not all pet shops sell them. That said those looking specifically for these collars can find a lot of help on Collar Planet.

This online store is aptly named the ‘Collar Planet’ as it is the go to place for all dog collars and accessories. In addition to many kinds of collars, one can also find dog costumes and other pet tools to help improve pet owner relationship. This is an exclusive place to find a Martingale dog collar. Being a special kind of collar, this is not easily available in regular retail stores.

For many years now, dog owners have been looking for a collar that helps reduce the choking effect and, at the same time don’t allow dogs to easily slip out of the collar. The Martingale collars have two loops with or without a chain. The provision of the two hoops allow better control and, when left loose also give the dog enough room to stay comfortable with the collar on.

About Collar Planet
Collar Planet is a good place to start shopping for functional collars like these and, fun collars with embellishments. Among other styles and looks customers can shop for spiked leather dog collars, jeweled collars, light LED collars, party collars and a lot more. Even regular Martingale collars can be found in a variety of designs and fabrics.

This is the shop which makes regular dog accessories more fun and accessible without losing the functional aspect.

Collar Planet sources and manufactures its products right in the US and therefore, as far as quality and trust go, there is no reason to have second thoughts. The company since its inception 5 years back has been consistently performing and giving customers the satisfaction of knowing their pet is comfortable and safe in the collars bought from the store.

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