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Pet Adorn Celebrates Expansion of Its Dog Fashion Line

Pet fashions gets boost from a web retailer who has been focusing on fashion for boy and girl dogs for nearly ten years.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- PetAdorn has announced the expansion of their already large line of canine related fashion. From tip to tail, Pet Adorn has one of the most extensive inventories of dog clothes and accessories. Pet owners will agree that their dogs are part of the family and this means that owners take pride in matching their pet's taste to their own. Or as the PetAdorn website puts it, "Capture your mini-me look."

Pamela Chao, founder and owner of PetAdorn says of the company, "As we have grown, PetAdorn continues to maintain its in-house designer style with small batch production in Southern California. We now have extended product lines. Right here, fulfilling your companion fit needs by capturing the most precious mini-me look moment possible!"

Dog owners from all walks of life like to express their style through outfitting their companions. Whether its the purebred Westminster Dog Show winner dressed to the nines by its owner, or a mixed rescue sporting a bandanna provided by its caretaker, dogs can be dressed in carefully thought-out and lovingly designed attire for dogs from PetAdorn.

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PetAdorn caters to teacup, toy, small and medium sized dogs by providing pre-tailored-to-fit dog fashions. They want style conscious and trend savvy dog owners, who desire wide selection of outfits, to know that their client's loving companions have the most fashionable dog outfits and accessories.

Seventy different costumes are available in the store. And those are just the number of costumes, like the Betsy Ross outfit or Military Officer Uniform available for Halloween or special occasions. PetAdorn has boy and girl dog clothes, including pants and dresses, plus coats. Dog owners can pick out for their special friends, hats, barrettes and bandannas.

Pet Adorn began its canine fashion business in 2004 with a single line of hats. As a hat enthusiast, Pamela Chao was unsatisfied with the aesthetically unappealing hats for her companion dog in the mass-tier markets. Then came her idea for PetAdorn, a company which would strive to bring boutique quality and run-way looks pet fashion.

PetAdorn is a retail website that specializes in fashion and accessories for dogs.

Pamela Chao