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Broadway, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- When it comes to offering useful and practical insight into canine related issues, emerges as a reliable and revered online web portal with millions of followers worldwide. Brainchild of an avid dog lover and endowed author Rodney Blow, the canine care web portal deals with various key canine issues that include canine care, training, behavior, health and nutrition. The web portal is updated on regular basis with new and exciting articles, which enables the dog owners to manage the health and various other facets of canine behavior effectively. No wonder, that the web portal has garnered a humongous and dedicated reader base in a very short span of time. For the benefit of its readers, the leading canine care web portal recently published an article that dealt with raw dog food diet.

With an intent to provide a brief insight into canine nutrition, a senior editor at commented, “Dogs have been a reliable companion to man since eons. Like humans, dogs do need nutritious food and proper care. Most of the diseases that canines suffer are attributed to the lack of proper nutrition. Therefore, the pet owners cannot compromise with the nutrition of their canines, as compromising on this aspect means compromising on the overall health of their loyal companion.”

The article vehemently discouraged the tendency of offering cooked food to dogs and emphasized the importance of giving raw food. Owing to the processing, heat, preservatives, coloring and use of other chemicals, the nutrients are destroyed and altered to a great extent. These factors cause waste toxins to get accumulated in the lymph, blood and tissue, making the immune system weak. The deficiency of these essential nutrients and raw animal fat can cause many coat and skin problems in the canines. The digestive mechanism of the dogs is not designed to digest cooked food. However, raw food is the panacea for most of the nutrition related issues of the canines. According to experts, animal diet should consist of raw fat to about 30%.

Further emphasizing the importance of raw foods, the senior editor opined, “According to a recently conducted study in Stockholm the dogs fed on cooked and processed food appeared healthy initially. However, on attaining adulthood they revealed symptoms rapidly as compared to other animals. Apart from this, they also developed some life threatening chronic degenerative disease symptoms. This study goes on to prove that raw dog food strengthens the immune system of the canines and keeps them away from diseases. Moreover, the dog food should be worthy enough to provide all the essential nutritional components that the body needs to maintain good health and bolster the growth.”

In addition to this, the article carried vital information on handling the raw food. According to the article, raw food should be kept in freezing temperature. The frozen food restricts the growth and multiplication of disease causing pathogens. After feeding raw dog food, the dog owner should wash all the dishes using hot soapy water, and discard the leftovers immediately. Those who wish to know more about best raw dog food diet can further read the article at official website.

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