Dollar Fanatic an Exclusively Online One Dollar Store Launches an IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign

Dollar Fanatic LLC., an online discount retailer headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana launches an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign with money saving gift certificate perks for it's customers and contributors.


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Dollar Fanatic LLC an Indianapolis, IN based based Company. They're an exclusively online retailer that sells everything for only $1 each on their website at At this time they're considered the only online one Dollar Store that allows a customer to pick and choose products all priced for only $1 each without a requirement of purchasing by the case or in large quantities.

The company offers a unique mix of products on their website all priced at $1. The website has some interesting characteristics like: featuring 100 different dollar deals at a time, Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more, and a Fanatic Rewards Club program that rewards customers for purchasing and/or referring friends.

The history of Dollar Fanatic LLC., is not very extensive, they in fact launched the business in January of 2014. The Founder Pierre Jackson said, "We're very new to the game; however, we have about 4 years of Research and Developement along with capital invested in this venture. I knew from the very beginning, being a self described Dollar Store Fanatic plus my initial research of what it would take to bring an extremely popular 50 to 70 billion dollar industry that has been geared towards traditional brick & mortar locations online, it wasn't going to be easy, and to be honest it has proved to be even more challenging than I thought. However we are here with a functioning plan, the know how, and lots of support and excitement from our growing customer base."

The company considers themselves a grass roots online small business built with very hard work without any bank loans, angel investing or venture capital. Pierre said, "I didn't think with my small team we could get this far without outside help; however, we've been able to accomplish 90% of our goals in our business plan without raising any outside capital because of the immediate support we received from our Dollar Store Fanatic customers. My view may be a little naive in today's Big Business profit rules everything, higher than realistic productivity age, but I feel like we can turn this small company into a large company that supports family values, hard work, and the US economy with good paying jobs."

The company decided immediately after their launch in January of 2014 they weren't going to need to raise as much as they thought; however, they would most likely need some additional capital to finish the first phase of their business plan which includes; Improving logistics, expanding the featured products, and finishing the development of the Dollar Fanatic Character. Crowdfunding was something that was brought to our attention, and we were advised to take advantage of the trend; however, Pierre said, "I originally thought it may not be a good idea for a company like ours that is growing in popularity to use Crowdfunding because it may reduce our stature, but after lots of convincing I think it fits right into our grass roots hard working philosophy. So we are embracing the fact that we are a Small Business with Big Business potential that requires more funds at this time. I feel like we will do whatever it takes to do this the right way without mortgaging the future of Dollar Fanatic LLC."

Dollar Fanatic LLC., has launched an IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign at which has some nice perks. Pierre said, "We don't just want to ask people for their hard earned money, so we decided lets give them some serious money saving perks so both sides get something out of the deal. If someone is a shopper they should like our perks, but even a pay it foward supporter can just give us a dollar, everything can help us reach our goal."

Dollar Fanatic invites you, whether you are a Dollar Store Fanatic or not, to join the movement and check them out at Also check out their IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign to Save even more Money while supporting their Small Business at