DollarUpload Offers Users Smart Money Making Avenue

New Pay Per Install platform brings brilliant benefits for users


Palm Beach Gardens, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2016 -- DollarUpload, a new Pay Per Install Network has ensured that people make money every time there is a successful install from their users.

While there are several Pay Per Install programs that one can find, DollarUpload takes the game to a whole new level while keeping things convenient for them as well. To begin with, it's very simple to get started with the program. All one has to do is create an account and upload their files. Once that's done, people can start making the most cash with the network that has a lot in store for them.

The sophisticated platform allows clients to make money with every successful install from their users. They have the option of monetizing software installs from over 200 countries, which further boosts their chances of making money. Not only can they work with hundreds of advertisers but the cost per install rates offered by DollarUpload are the highest in the country, which is another advantage.

With DollarUpload developers have the ability to brand the installer with clients' product name, prefix and any other optional command line. There's also a Thank You url page and one has the option of binding the installer with any product. As a result users have the flexibility to make money with any Pay Per Install campaign. One can also maximize the revenue after every install by offering end users additional software from the company's inventory of advertisers.

Not only does DollarUpload work with reliable advertisers but has been building solid relationships with some of the biggest software advertisers in the world. The company offers one of the sleekest tracking technologies for every install to be counted. Moreover real time reporting ensures that users can track the number of installs at any point. The platform further has the capability of matching relevant software based on target audience. Hence chances of installs are much higher too.

DollarUpload network is constantly updated so that users get the best features to work with. Thus overall, with its comprehensive solutions it guarantees users highest payouts per install in the industry.

About DollarUpload
It is a sleek Pay Per Install platform that helps people make money with every successful install by their users.

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