DollarUpload Launches New Pay Per Install Platform for Publishers

There are many other handy services that they provide


Palm Beach Gardens, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2016 -- Getting paid for any installations and downloads is possible with the help of the aforementioned website. It is believed to be a convenient place where publishers can upload their files and monetize their products effectively. Though the platform is relatively new, it has earned the interest of a number of entrepreneurs because of the reliability and effectiveness.

Pay per install is one of the more popular methods in which relevant content can be monetized feasibly. There are many people who rely on PPI network for earning returns on their files. It is important to identify a platform that provides customized solutions and is versatile when it comes to file types. Uploading the files needs to be easy and fast. Apart from this, security is also a significant aspect.

When it comes to Dollar Upload, it is claimed that they offer all the above services. There are content lockers which ensure that the uploaded files are safe. Apart from this, they have also designed several other tools that can prove to be useful. They are believed to be constantly updating their services in order to meet the demands of their individual clients.

The website says, "If creating content that is viable is important, so is the platform that helps in marketing it to the users. If you wish to make money per install, you need to have the ideal website that helps you maximize the number of downloads and installations. We have helped many such people in their endeavors. There are many publishers who have used our services for a substantial amount of time. Our versatility lies in meeting the checks of all our clients."

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The website claims that they have a few hundred surveys available for visitors so that they can choose one that they are comfortable with. They are believed to be a genuine entity that pays $1 for each download and this applies to publishers from different parts of the world. They have a dedicated customer service team which ensures that all the issues and queries of customers are resolved in a timely manner.

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