Domestic Violence Counselor Announces Online Batterers Intervention Program

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Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Deborah Farber, Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of Transformations BIP today announced the inauguration of a national online version of their weekly Batterer’s Intervention Program.

Ms. Farber has over 15 years of experience teaching and counseling persons convicted of domestic violence and domestic abuse, and brings the benefit of this experience and expertise to the online program.

When asked what is one of the most important benefits of the online program, Ms. Farber noted that in working with local public defenders and attorneys as well as the courts, they are limited to a ‘jail or class’ alternative, and an offender’s lack of money often results in jail time.

She said “The first 4 classes are free, so offenders have a chance to enroll in the online program within the time limits set by the courts”.

She also added that: “This will allow a new student 4 weeks to save some money and get ahead of the money curve, so they can begin payments starting in Week 5. At just $21 per class, on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, this makes the program affordable and within reach of most offenders.”

The online program consists of classes and videos based upon the in-class program.

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About Transformations BIP
Transformations BIP has an enviable success record of Not having - as of June, 2014 - any clients who completed the program get convicted of a second domestic violence charge. As a recent (9/11/2014) graduate stated:

"When I started these classes in August of 2013 I was not a happy camper. I truly believed that there was nothing this class had to offer me." and concluded one year later ... "I want to thank Debra for making this class interesting & helping me realize problems that I do have so that I can work on being the best husband, father & friend I can."

In comparison, an American Bar Association study on domestic violence found that 41% of participants reported that the men committed a re-assault during the 30-month follow-up period.

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