Domestic Violence Survivor Empowers Women and Girls

Appreciation of Women in Business and Dynamic Duo Entertainment is honored and privileged to be the executive producers for The National Empowerment Tour! We are committed to empower our youth and adults throughout the communities.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Margie Garcia never imagined she would become a statistic. A few years ago, she almost did.

“My marriage began to falter and when he struck me, it was time for me to leave,” said Garcia, “but I was not sure where to go or what to do.”

Garcia moved to Texas with a small amount of money, a suitcase and her children. She lost everything she had in the process.

“My church [Cornerstone of San Diego] has helped me immensely,” says Garcia. 

Originally from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area,  she is now a delegate of the United Nations in association with San Diego and National speaker for RAINN. Her children have made waves in the acting world since.

“I am now at home with three boys, working as a nurse, attending graduate school, operating multiple companies, active community leader, and dedicating myself empowering other women and girls,” said Garcia.

Margie has collaborated with other women to create the National Empowerment Tour for women and girls. She will begin a nationwide tour in Dallas/Fort Worth and then to San Diego, California, home to her harrowing experience.

“Women and girls can enjoy an impactful keynote speaking at the Free Teen & Adult Empowerment seminar and small business workshop/networking for a cause,” said Garcia, “100 percent of ticket sales will benefit local, national, and global charities.”

Garcia’s children are working just as hard to be successful. Their music is making make a difference in their local community, National Bullying, Not Cool Tour, and beyond.

“This will be a major event. Let’s spread to the word throughout the nation so everyone can collaborate to empower women and girls,” said Garcia.

For more information, visit her website at and her children’s website at