Domijump Introduces New Mini Trampolines


Zhejiang, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Domijump has today announced that they have introduced new mini trampoline equipment that comply with all the global regulation to ensure quality manufacturing processes. These mini trampolines (re-bounders) have been designed for low impact exercise program.

While launching this equipment in Zhejiang, China; the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Weng highlighted that this product will provide a high level of safety for all users. Furthermore, they are stable, firm and they can absorb shock. The Domijump's new mini trampolines that were introduced in the market have the following key features:

Durable and reliable

"We don't compromise either the durability or reliability of our products since we believe that this is one of the key safety measures for re-bounders," said Mr. Weng. The new trampolines are superior to the initial versions of the trampolines and the existing brands.

They are built with a strong material that feature a stabilizing design. The springs are durable with reliable and elastic springs that can absorb any magnitude of impact/shock. The springs are long lasting, newer models that can lose their support springs.

Capacity and dimensions

The new mini trampolines that the company introduced this week appear to be similar in size, however, there is some variations, especially in dimensions and capacity. Domijump has introduced quite a number of mini trampolines with varying dimensions and capacities. The company has been focusing on the upper weight. This is because the health professionals have been recommending these types of trampolines for heavier adults for their weight loss programs. When a trampoline exceeds this maximum weight they can be very unstable.


Domijump manufactures and supplies new mini trampoline equipment that balance between quality and price. This has been a common trend in the recent past where the company has been focusing on ensuring that they not only produce those trampolines that meet consumer requirements, but also, affordable.

Additional equipment/features

In an attempt to ensure that consumer get reliable and utilize this equipment optimally, it has been providing additional resources for free. These include maintenance videos and good customer care support. The company plans to organize quite a number of workshops that aim at educating and teaching people the best skills maintenance procedures.

The new mini trampoline that was introduced by Domijump is unique in very many ways. The key features that have been highlighted in the recent about this trampoline manufacturing company include: quality production process, consistency, reliability and cost saving mechanisms. It is for this reason that the products have become popular in the Chinese, European and American markets among other places

About Domijump
This is the best trampoline and trampoline parts manufacturer and supplier in China. The company was established in 2006 and it has expanded over the years. As at 2015, the company registered sales of over 5 million dollars. The company has been working with Auchan and Correfour among other global companies. It has been incorporating various technological advancements to ensure that they have the best products in the market. A good example is the mini trampolines and trampoline springs.

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