Domijump Introduces New Trampoline That Guarantees Safety


Shaoxing, Zhejiang -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2015 -- Domijump has introduced new trampoline safety nets that aim to reduce the number of injuries. This makes Domijump trampolines some of the safest equipment in the market. They have been engineered to meet the recommended safety and quality standards that are used both locally (China) and in the international market (the American and European Markets).

According to the research conducted by Domijump safety department, it was quite clear that between 2002 and 2015, there are more than 1.3 million cases of accidents reported. These are mainly serious injuries. At least 300, 000 had broken bones. This has escalated the cost of treatment to over $1 billion. It was noted that about 92.7% of fractures were kids below the age of 16yrs. This is a worrying trend that calls for serous measures that can reduce the rate of injuries. It is for this reason that the company has invested a lot of money in ensuring that they have safe and reliable trampolines.

In a camping that was launched last week referred to as "Give your family a safe bouncing platform" the company aims at reducing the prevalent number of injuries by over 47%.

The new trampolines that the company has announced today will have the following distinct features:

1. Fall protection

A number of kids get injured whenever they fall off the trampoline. A research conducted by various safety authorities established a laxity in the quality of the trampoline nets. That is, they cannot withstand high impact thus, the users (especially kids), can easily fall off the trampoline.

It is for this reason that Domijump has opted for trampoline optimized to prevent all trampoline users from falling off the jumping mat. These nets are rugged, UV resistant and sturdy. They do not lose their structural integrity easily.

The new trampoline safety nets are designed such that: they can prevent jumpers from falling by directing them towards the center of the trampoline mat. At the same time, it distributes the force of the impact across the whole fence. They are adaptable to all trampoline designs.

2. The shock absorbing jumping surface

"Ensuring safety of all trampoline users is an integral role of our manufacturing process. It has taken the company more than 4yrs, but we're happy to have safe trampolines," said Mr. Weng. He said these when they launched the first ever shock absorbing jumping surface.

Domijump has introduced quite a number of designs that can allow for a smooth and lively bounce performance with the best damping capability.

The company has also hinted that they will be launching various eBooks and videos that aim to educate the trampoline users to adopt the best techniques. It intends to organize workshop and even trampling competitions.

"Designing a safer equipment without training people of the best safety practices is a waste of time. It is for this reason that our company has started investing in safety procedures," said Lisa, as she tried to reiterate Mr. Weng sentiments about the right safety standards. This is a major milestone in this industry that will revolutionize how other kids view trampolines as risky equipment.

About Domijump
This is a Chinese company that was established in 2005 to manufacture and supply trampoline and trampoline parts. It has been supplying these products to major companies in China, America and Europe. The company has an output of over $5 million every years and it has been approved by the TUV GS and BSCI. The company has been working with Auchana and Correfour, some of the biggest, retail stores in the world.Domijump aims at producing reliable and safe trampolines.

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