Domijump Invests $1,000,000 in a New Trampoline R & D Department


Shaoxing, Zhejiang -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2015 -- Domijump today announced the inaugurated a new research and development center. This is one of the biggest and fully equipped trampoline research center in China. This comes after the company begun working with Auchan.

Domijump is one of the leading companies in China that manufacturers and supply trampolines. This department will open up innovation while bombarding partnership within this industry. It aims at reducing the production time while ensuring a high level of quality standard.

"Our R & D center will be a global center for trampoline manufacturing that intends to take full advantage of both the expertise and resources that drive innovation", said Mr. Weng. "Launching this facility today is a rare opportunity that will bring together all the scientific minds in China and the entire world. I would like to thank all my colleagues and participants for their collaboration," he added.

The construction of this new R & D begun in 2013. Initially, the company had planned to invest $556,000. During the inauguration ceremony, the company disclosed that this ultra-modern facility's worth is $1,000,000. "We don't regret spending this much in just one single facility. Our company cannot compromise quality manufacturing process and an objective research," Mr. Weng added. In another interview, he also highlighted that this is just a pilot project as the company intends to have more R & D centers as it will improve their production speed.

In the recent past, Domijump has focused on quality production that guarantees safety of every trampoline users. The company is keen to test and validate all the trampoline parts – frame, mat, springs, etc. The company is CE approved, possesses the TUV GS and BSCI International certificates. The R & D department aims at ensuring that the end users get quality and safe trampolines.

Being a major trampoline producer and supplier that has been endorsed by major supermarket like Walmart, setting up a dedicated R & D center was a necessity. The American and the European Market are some of the most competitive business environment. These markets have a high level of quality standards that the company can only achieve by investing in quality manufacturing processes. Other partners include Auchan, B & Q and ALDI.

Introducing the first R & D center in this industry is an indication of the company's commitment in this manufacturing industry. This move comes after Domijump introduced an eBook titled "5 Things You Should Know When Importing Trampoline." This book got a good reception in the industry and is apparently having the highest reviews.

Since inception of Domijump, this a major expansion that the company has done. This facility aims at increasing the production process by about 37%. This will be a major boost to their customized trampoline market, which has been expanding in the recent past. That is, in China, Europe and America.

About Domijump
This is a Chinese company that was established in 2005 to manufacture and supply trampoline and trampoline parts. It has been supplying these products to major companies in China, America and Europe. The company has an output of over $5 million every years and it has been approved by the TUV GS and BSCI. The company has been working with Auchan and Correfour among other companies. This company strives to produce quality products that meets customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that the company has invested in a $1,000,000 research and development center that will improve various manufacturing process in their production process.

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