Domijump Opens a New Store to Serve the European Market


Shaoxing, Zhejiang -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2015 -- Domijump, one of the world's safest and fastest growing maker and supplier of trampolines has opened a new store to serve its European market. This move aims at bringing the innovative trampoline designs to the local market. The company has opened three stores that will serve this region as they build other stores to meet the demand of the growing demands for its products.

These stores will be opened officially on Saturday, the 29th August. This internationally accredited trampoline manufacturer and supplier aims to provide families with safe, robust, durable and long lasting equipment that will help them to stay active and physically fit. This marks a new journey for Domijump ventures in the European region.

Standards & regulations

The European market is one of the few global markets with strict safety and quality standards regulations. Domijump products have been tested and verified to meet the required quality and safety criteria. The company has the following key certifications:

1. TUV GS certificate; this is a clear indication that the company complies with all the safety standards. This is standard is recognized within the European the global markets. These include the trampoline springs, pads, top rail, top rail with welded socket, support tube, leg, frames and safety nets (registered no. 44 791 140311601).

2. CE certificate; this is an important document that all components/products that are sold in the European market must possess.

"We are eager to connect with the local families in Europe as wechampion for a healthy equipment for exercise and fun that guarantee trampoline safety" said Lisa, the Domijump's sales Manager. "We believe that safety is paramount. We have managed to achieve this through an extensive research," she added.

The structure of this new store is amazing and unique in so many aspects. The company will use these stores as their main resource centers in Europe. This new store will serve the following key roles in the trampoline manufacturing industry:

1. Educational center; Domijump will be giving the trampoline industry a new dimension. That is, it will have all the required educational materials, both in video, audio and written form. This aims at giving trampoline users more insights as far managing and using trampolines is concerned. It will offer an interactive and educational experience to all the buyers.

2. Shop; the company intends to sell all their trampoline brands plus all the spare parts. These stores will have at least two technicians who help in the trampoline installation and maintenance process. The team of dedicated experts will help customers choose the right trampoline that they require for their recreational or work out activities. Remember, there are some technical aspects of trampolines that the ordinary users do not understand.

Opening a new trampoline store will transform this industry that has been ignored for quite some time. The Domijump's efforts to revive this industry has been evident since the company launched its first products in 2005.

"Domijump is a company that believes in personal connection – face to face interaction with all its clients and customers. It is one of the reasons why we opted to establish this store in Europe," said Lisa. "We are so excited to start sharing the joy that all our kids will not only enjoy jumping, but also stay safe at all times," she added.

The store technicians and instructors will strive to reduce the injuries associated with trampolines. These trampolines eliminate all hard areas that can cause injuries. A good example is the spring free trampolines. The company has a wide range of trampoline products.

About Domijump
This is a Chinese company that was established in 2005 to manufacture and supply trampoline and trampoline parts. It has been supplying these products to major companies in China, America and Europe. The company has an output of over $5 million every years and it has been approved by the TUV GS and BSCI. The company has been working with Auchan and Correfour. This company strives to produce quality products that meets customer satisfaction. To find a store near you, visit our website ( or contact our sales representatives.

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