Domijump Organizes A 3 Day Workshop on Trampoline Safety


Shaoxing, Zhejiang -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2015 -- Domijump has scheduled a trampoline safety workshop that will take place early next month. In the recent past, the number of accidents has increased at an alarming rate. This made it prudent for this trampoline manufacturing company and supplier to organize a workshop that aims at reducing these fatalities.

In the recent past, Domijump is one of those companies that has been campaigning for trampoline safety in the whole world. It is for this reason that the company has modified all their trampoline parts including the jumping mat, springs and frames to guarantee safety of all trampoline users.

The main subject of this workshop will be to provide essential tips and tricks that all trampoline users can adopt to ensure that they enjoy using trampolines without any injuries. Safety begins by choosing an appropriate equipment that ensures the trampoline users are not at any risk. The company is yet, to choose a specific date. Tentatively, this date has been set to the 24th September to 16th September, 2015.

Domijump plans to bring together all the main trampoline and trampoline parts manufacturing companies. This aims at giving trampoline users more insights about the products that they are using.

The company will also showcase their trampoline products, some of which they have introduced this year. The trampoline enthusiast can seize this opportunity to acquire this product at a subsidized price.

The 3 day workshop will also feature practical experiments on how to use trampolines safety. That is, people who would wish to learn how to use this product can seize this opportunity to be taught how to go about this process.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, during this workshop, people will be taught:

1. How adults can help mitigate the number of injuries that are caused by trampolines. This will involve teaching adults how to supervise kids who're using trampolines.

2. The participants will be taught good ethics as far as the use of trampolines is concerned. According the report that was published by Domijump, it was clear that, whenever two or more kids are using a single trampoline, there are chances of accidents /injuries occurring.

3. The basic steps required to improve the safety of the existing trampolines. This may involve proper maintenance procedures and replacing damaged parts as soon as possible.

4. Installing safety equipment such as high quality nets. The safety net must be of high quality whose efficiency has been certification organizations.

Domijump intends to organize more of these workshops before the end of the year. It is such a rare opportunity that all trampoline enthusiast can learn a lot from.

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