Domijump Starts Working Auchan and Carrefour Retail Group


Shaoxing, Zhejiang -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- Domijump has been expanding its customer base since its inception in 2005. The demand for the Domijump trampolines has been increasing in the recent past, especially in the American, European and Chinese markets among other regions. There is one key element that differentiates its products from those that are available in the market; quality manufacturing process.

A recap of Domijump partners
The company has been expanding its partner network over the past one decade. So far, the company is working with several stores in America and Europe. Domijump has been working with a number of multinational retailers. These include:

1. Auchan

The partnership between Domijump and Auchan started in 2009. This has been one of the longest partnership since the inception of the company. Groupe Auchan is a French international retail group and a multinational corporation. It distributes products in 15 countries. These include France, China, Ukraine, Hungary, India, Spain, Poland and Portugal among other countries.

The two companies have a good strategic plan and logistics systems that ensures that all customers get the trampolines they desire within the short time possible. This partnership has enabled Domijump to distribute their trampolines and trampoline accessories across many countries in the world.

This partnership has made it simple for customers to access these products. This implies that, in case you live in any of the 15 countries where the company has established its stores, you can easily access these quality trampolines.

2. Carrefour

Domijump partnered with Carrefour in 2010. This was to supply the trampolines to the increasing customer base. Like Auchan, this is also a French multinational retailer with its headquarters in Boulogne Billancourt, France. It is one of the largest chain stores in the world.

At the time Carrefour started doing business with Domijump, it was the fourth largest retail store in the word in terms of revenue (2011). This retail store operates in the following main regions: China, U.S.A., Europe, Argentina, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brazil, Lebanon, Dominican Republic and Qatar among other countries. In case you live in any of those countries where Carrefour has its outlets, then you can purchase or order for a Domijump trampolines.

Domijump has been expanding its partner network to ensure that all their customers access the trampolines within their locality. It is one of the main reasons why the company has been working together with the multinational companies.

As part of the deal to work with the reputable stores, the company is obliged to guarantee safety and quality manufacturing process in all the products that they manufacture and supply. Thus, the reason why the company is transparent about their quality certification documents. They are accessible through the company's official website.

About Domijump
This is a Chinese company that was established in 2005 to manufacture and supply trampoline and trampoline parts. It has been supplying these products to major companies in China, America and Europe. The company has an output of over $5 million every years and it has been approved by the TUV GS and BSCI. The company has been working with Auchan and Correfour among other global companies. Domijump is striving to expand its partnership with other companies.

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